Rites of Passage

by Sabbath Assembly

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Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered
Fall 2016 by Colin Marston at
Menegroth: The Thousand Caves
Queens NY
Vocals recorded by Jason Buntz at
Enormous Door
Austin TX


released May 12, 2017

Jamie Myers - vox. Kevin Hufnagel - guitar. Ron Varod - guitar. John DeBlase - bass. Dave Nuss - drums.



all rights reserved


Sabbath Assembly

Sabbath Assembly is an occult rock band based in TX and NYC. At its inception the group formed to play the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, an Apocalyptic religious sect from the late 60’s. The band currently performs and records original songs that maintain its ties to mystical theology. ... more

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Track Name: Shadows Revenge
a ghastly shadow on a path
retracing relics of the old
former happiness in shapes
of tombs that stood here long ago

barren, gnarled and terrible trees
that crest the sky and drape the moon
entangled web and fallen leaves
are cut among misshapen weeds

thorns grasp the surface
and gnaw into skin
i’m pierced by a hundred wounds

meager offerings
of blood and bone are shed
a starlit night of woe
looming overhead

earth and stone upon the hill
the headlands form a hearth
ancient sounds begin
a siren song alluring forth

as the pilgrimage unfolds
nothing more to give or take
the secrets of the flesh disclose
atonement in blood

vortex of phantasmal
images rising in smoke

witchfire glowing
behind broken faces
shrouded and festooned
into monstrous shapes

disbelief in wide eyes
grim is the scene
reprieve will not come
forever meek
shadow’s been cast now
left to weep
whats drawn cant
be undone
cant be unseen

blissful and blinded
the mind and the maddening
sanity diminish
in smoke
Track Name: Angels Trumpets
I cross myself and kneel down
The flame I lit sheds white light on her face
Angel’s trumpets
What should I forget?

Mysterium Tremendum
Numinous Delirium
Mydriasis Photophobia
Ferox Intoxication

Morta holding the thread taut
Your shears steely and so bright
Are all I can hear
Cutting the years I’ve left
But I am endless with
No whisper of death

I cross myself and kneel down
The blood drips down her face
Angel’s trumpets
What should I forget

Rinse my veins utterly the river Lethe
i choose oblivion and i am free
Open my eyes I chant Your name
Pray that I’ll remember who I am

My thread taut
I am bound to a world that is wrought
With guilt and indecision
Crippling choice
Too much revision
Til now in this moment
I will choose to remember
every face of every person
who brought me agony

I recall and yearn for the time that
We sailed through those days immortal
A sunrise just around the bend
I sing of the past but am
Finding it so hard not to cry
Do you remember

The River Lethe gently calls
And to her depths my spirit falls
In her sweet waters I forget
This life of deep regret
Perhaps this river will pull me to the sea
Track Name: I Must Be Gone
I must be gone
There is a grave
where the lilies and daffodils wave

Please do not stand
at my grave and weep

I am not there nor do I sleep

It’s you it’s you it’s all for you
Everything I do is for your life
It’s you for you it’s all for you
Please do not stand at my grave and cry

I am the one
wind that blows
I am the diamond glints upon the snow

’Tis I the sun

On ripened grain

And now it comes, the gentle Autumn rain

When you awake in the morning hush

I am the swift uplifting rush of flight

See the soft stars shine at night

Please do not stand at my grave and cry

I am not there

I did not die
My Spirit is still alive

Smash my heart three-person’d god
That I may rise and bend your force to make me new
Dearly how I love you all, and how I beg requite
But I’m betrothed unto your enemy

Divorce me, untie me, and break me, you’ve locked me in chains
A sudden blow, wings beating still, I feel your heart pounding on me
Oh God let me remember you the way that you were before I died
I must be gone, you can’t see me,
but please don’t stand at my grave and cry

Oh God let me remember you the way that you were before I died
Track Name: Does Love Die
Just out of reach

An inward arc
A mirror reflects the sun, and
i’m blinded

Hatred is a hammer beating
Skin made of tears, drop by drop
Crumble. Wasteland.
How many times must this hammer beat on my heart?

Will our love die
Or will we simply sigh
As we marvel how it remains

Feathers in the wind
Arterial flight
A new direction

And why not
The branches tremble
Dazzled by stars

’Til they descend with hate and fury
Arrive at dawn, with snare and trap and sword
Struck. Knocked down.
How many times must this hammer beat on my heart

Will our love die
Or will we wonder why
As it slowly fades away

For me
Track Name: Twilight of God
In my darkest year in the fourth month on the fifth day
In exile by the sea a vision came to me
The heavens opened up and the word of God was spoken

A windstorm from the North
A vast cloud with flashing lightning
Floods us with light
The center burned like glowing metal
In the fire was life, there I saw a creature
Flash like lightning

Its faces looked like this
A lion a man an ox an eagle
Wings spread overhead
I swear they touched each other
As I turned around to run
The sound of rushing waters
Swooped down overhead

Dear God the heathen have come

That which is light in me darken
That which is pure corrupt
The temple is defiled
The anger never stops
Two thousand years of numbness and vanity
Cannot crush us
Follow me

In the dark i saw
The hand outstretched below
And so I followed down

Twilight of God

Can you hear the sound of me singing to light the fire in your eyes
Can the torn and bloody victim love the jaws that rend him
Two thousand years of numbness and vanity
Cannot crush us follow me straight through death’s door
Track Name: Seven Sermons to the Dead
What does the dark cry
Death lies always in wait
And what is the thing called death
It’s the love of the mother for her son

Can we have both life and love
Or do they oppose one another?
Eros flames up
then silence, stillness, and darkness

Blackness around
Penetrate and oppress
A voice whispers

And now
initiation is in the tomb
And what is the thing called death
The vision of God finally dissolves

The bright place of relief
That piercing sword of truth
We find in evil eyes
In silence, stillness, and darkness

Our god fell from heaven
The flaming sword is dropped
Into the abyss


These are my seven sermons:
One thing we know is we’re surely dying
All that we have shall turn to dust
Everyone that we love will bring us pain
Famine is near
And every escape is our imagination
God cares less
about this fucking earth

Death Dust Pain Famine No Escape
God Cares Less
Track Name: The Bride of Darkness
My Child Queen of the Dead no more your eyes god-like
The sun robed thee in his day Persephone
Embraced in your arms

The Life that had descended now re-arise empowered by the Sun
So mighty was the mother's childless cry
She asked the waves that moan how the world can be so cruel
“Do you cry for my child?”
And then the voices came saying
“We know not we know not why we cry”

And so the shadow wails
My quick tears kill the flower
My ravings hush the bird
And lost in grief I fail to send
My gift to helpless man
Rain-rotted dead grain
The pale sun sets before his time
And I am ill-content with those who dare to say
My fate’s beyond the Fates

The Bright and the Dark have sworn that
I the child of thee the Power
Who lifts her buried life to bloom
Should be for evermore
The Bride of Darkness

The reaper sees me far away
And now the gleam of dawn upon the threshing floor
Can the dark lord love the sun
And will the shadows die
Extinguish hateful fires along the fields of Asphodel

Death, not peace, comes easily
The spirit needs release

The souls of men
who grew beyond
And made themselves
as Gods
against the fear
Of Death and Hell
they shall prevail
I shall prevail